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Founded by Suzanne Walton & Tim McCann in 2014 Rowan Woodwork, based in Kingston NY, works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City.

Suzanne & Tim have many years of woodworking experience and combined with their love of design and their innate creativity, give Rowan Woodwork a unique platform to make their clients’ desired projects a reality. Whether working solely with the client or in cooperation with a project’s architect or designer, Rowan Woodwork brings a level of experience and skill necessary to achieve the aesthetic look and level of quality that their clients expect.


Portraits by Doen Creative

Woodworker, Partner

Suzanne Walton hails from the North of England where she studied Furniture Restoration and Conservation at Manchester College of Arts and Technology. She was drawn to the Hudson valley due to its similarity with the English countryside and for the last 15 years has been creating high-end custom cabinetry there. When she's not working you'll find her rowing, skiing, biking or sailing on the Hudson River with her wife Elaine and their 'doglets' Oliver and Dot.

Woodworker, Partner

Tim McCann was born and raised in the Hudson Valley where he resides with his wife Tracy and their son Elijah, and pug Gilbert. Since attending the Cabinetry and Furniture Making Program at North Bennet Street School in Boston he has spent the last 10 years producing custom cabinetry and furniture. When he's not working you'll find him playing basketball, golfing, or working on a project for a friend or family member. 



Doers & Dreamers

This weeks Doers and Dreamers have converged on a location in Midtown and I’m sure many happy future clients will be glad that they did.

Photography & written by Kingston Happenings



The Rowan Tree (Sorbus Aucuparia)

Our logo spells ROWAN using an Old Irish alphabet called "Ogham". The Rowan tree was sacred to the Celts, and was associated with strength, protection and success. It was honored for it's balance of beauty and hardiness and the Druids considered it a very magical tree used for wands, rods, and spells.